The Communication & Marketing Day '15 at UNIP Swift, with the theme "Digital Media: New Challenges?", will aim to bring discussions and workshops, subjects such as digital media, civil framework of the internet, new communication possibilities and other topics related to everyday technology, also involving related professionals.

Aiming to compare the current inherent communication between digital media and the human being as an individual, the logotype presents a voice graph which was inspired by digital panels and sci-fi movies holograms, explaining the connection paradox, the human connection among the digital means and how it reflects in the communication means.

It presents visually function design and typography that uses futuristic lines. The logotype was presented was in blue, green and red colors, the same color palette used in electronic displays (RGB). It shows a clear narrative about how the digital medias and the complex environment of technology move forward in our everyday lives, especially in the communication area, where each day is a new challenge.

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